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School of Depth

The School of Depth preliminary Program offers courses for individuals desiring to make a journey of discovery into the deep things of God. If you are tired of superficial, lukewarm Christianity lacking the fire and power of God, but desiring a more intense and meaningful walk with God, this is the perfect program.

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School of Spiritual Development

The School of Spiritual Development is focused on helping new believers or mature Christians have a grasp of the foundational doctrines of Christ which ensures stability in spiritual growth and development. As an individual seeking to gain foundational knowledge and understanding of the Christian doctrine and faith, this is the perfect program.

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School of the Spirit

The School of the Spirit is a program with a unique offering that provides practical “how-to” courses to help the believer apply the truth of God’s word to everyday living, as well as function optimally. If you are seeking to gain practical insight and knowledge about real-life issues as listed in the Bible, this is the perfect program.

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School of Prayer

The School of Prayer offers courses that teach participants the basics of prayer and spiritual warfare. Prayer is the foundation for a victorious life here on earth. The school is perfect for individuals who desire to learn how to be effective in personal prayer or spiritual warfare.

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School of Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful union created by God and He wants you to experience all He has purposed for it.

The School of Marriage certificate program offers courses that expound on the institution of marriage: its origin, purpose and the principles that ensure a successful, purposeful and fulfilling marriage, as God ordained it to be.

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