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Preliminary Certificate Program

The School of Depth preliminary Program offers courses for individuals desiring to make a journey of discovery into the deep things of God. If you are tired of superficial, lukewarm Christianity lacking the fire and power of God, but desiring a more intense and meaningful walk with God, this is the perfect program

The aim of the School of Depth program is to quicken the lukewarm, redirect the misguided, equip and mature the saints by taking students through a rigorous process that will deepen their walk with God, and cause them to grow spiritually; ensuring they become mature and begin the journey to Christ-likeness. This is the preliminary certificate program of the Truth Hill University.

This is the first course students are expected to take before they go on to the foundational certificate program.

At the end of the SOD you will:

1. Be spiritually revived
2. Know your purpose in life
3. Learn how to sustain a fiery walk with God
4. Learn how to be a vessel fit for the master’s use
5. Learn the basic principles of studying God’s word
6. Learn how to overcome the hindrances to spiritual growth
7. Know how to go about fulfilling your purpose in life

Course Outline

The SOD is a four part course curriculum, comprising of three training modules, and a project course work.

Module One: Defining Success

• The Portrait of Success
• Indices of Success
• Living on Assumption 1
• Living on Assumption 2

Module Two: Spiritual Development

• Spiritual Growth
• Indices of Spiritual Development 1
• Indices of Spiritual Development 2
• How to Grow Spiritually

Module Three: The Contaminants: Heart, Self, Flesh and the World

• Hindrances to Spiritual growth: The heart
• Hindrances to spiritual growth: Self
• Hindrances to spiritual growth: The works of the Flesh
• Hindrances to spiritual growth: The World

Who Should Register?

1. Anyone with a desire to go deeper with God
2. Anyone who desires to serve God acceptably
3. Anyone who is confused about his purpose or assignment in life, but wants to discover and fulfil it
4. Anyone who wants to grow up into maturity as a Christian
5. Anyone who wants to live a life that pleases God

How to Register?

1. Enroll for the program and pay the course registration fee
2. You will receive a confirmation of payment, as well as your log in details.
3. Get ready for class

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