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Truth Hill University Graduates

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I joined Truth Hill University at a point I was spirituality and emotionally fagged out. The school has brought about spiritual restoration, revitalization and restoration. It has brought about lost hope. The school gives room for expression of one’s self and to ask questions. It also brought encouragement that you have people you are running the heaven race together with. It is a platform that makes God real to you again. The uniqueness of this school is this issue of being “deliberate about your walk with God and consciousness of your spirituality “. You are also assigned an Academic adviser who is available online 24/7 to answer all questions and encourage you. God bless Pastor Fred and Rev Oyiks for answering to the call of God. May you finish well and strong in Jesus name. Thank you all
I want to thank God for Pastor and Rev and the entire Truth Hill family.
I testify that before my encounter with the university, I was depressed, filled with guilt for all the things I have done wrong. I was so unsure of myself and always thinking about what people think about me. But now I am happy, I am free and I am certain and sure of myself. The entrance of the word surely brings light. It is reflecting in the life of people around me.
If I have anything to do, I always have a scripture in my mind concerning that when I when I wake up in the morning. It is really amazing😄 Thank you Jesus. I only desire to go deeper with you.
Oge O.
My name is Oluwatoyin Rosemary Fajemisin. I live in Maryland, USA. The way I came about this ministry is a blessing and testimony of God's faithfulness. About two years ago, when I was becoming spiritually weak a little, the Lord who gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak (Isaiah 40:29) used my friend, who resides in the UK, to start sharing the My Secret Place Devotional with me daily. This daily devotional revives my spiritual life and I look forward to it daily. I started sharing daily with my Church family and it has been a tremendous blessing to our women ministry. I discovered about Truth Hill University through the My Secret Place devotional this year and I was propelled by the Holy Spirit to register for the School of Depth. It's been an awesome experience, and a fulfilling journey! I have been blessed, and I have grown and developed spiritually. The school revived my spiritual life. My desires for things that matters to God have grown tremendously. Also, I now long to be in God's presence more than before. It has been so blessed that I can go on and on, but I encourage anyone that desires to know more of God plans for their lives to come to Truth Hill University! Their spiritual life will never remain the same!
Oluwatoyin F.
Maryland, USA
My name is Ibukunoluwa Afoke in Stafford, Texas.
I would like to testify to glory of God concerning my experience in Truth Hill University. Back in December I had a dream that I was going to Heaven but something was pulling me down, the Holy Spirit then told me I needed to deal with weights that were pulling me down. I honestly didn’t know what to do, then He ordered my steps to Truth Hill. I was a TV addict, now I barely even watch the news, it was really difficult for me to spend time in prayer, now if I don’t spend time in God’s presence I feel really restless and don’t feel satisfied till go into God’s presence praying and talking to Him. I am not there yet because, I still struggle with meditation on the Word of God, but I know God that started His work in me will complete it. Thank you for yielding to the Spirit of God. I pray that Christ Himself shall pray for you.
Ibukunoluwa A.
It has been great doing this course; I have really enjoyed it. It has been a pleasure to experience God in a new way. I have learnt so much about myself and my spiritual journey. I truly feel transformed; God bless the teachers and individuals that made this course happen.

Kind Regards,
Tola A.
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