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Foundational Certificate Program

The School of Spiritual Development is focused on helping new believers or mature Christians have a grasp of the foundational doctrines of Christ which ensures stability in spiritual growth and development. As an individual seeking to gain a foundational knowledge and understanding of the Christian doctrine and faith, this is the perfect program.

This program, which is a follow up to the School of Depth preliminary program is the foundational certificate program of the Truthhill University.

At the end of the SOSD you will:

1. Understand the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith
2. Have laid a foundation for spiritual stability and growth
3. Learn how to live a life that pleases God.
4. Learn how to serve God acceptably

Course Outline

The School of Spiritual Development is a three-part course curriculum, comprising of two training modules, and a project course work.

Module One: The New Believers Class

The course content focuses on Jesus as the foundation of the Christian faith. It’s obvious that the height of a building is determined by the depth and quality of the foundation laid. Thus, this foundational course is essential for anyone who wants to go far with the lord and succeed as a Christian.

• Understanding the foundation of the Christian faith
• Laying the foundation of the Christian faith
• Building on the foundation of the Christian faith
• The Nature of God’s word
• The Effects of the word of God
• The study of God`s word
• Basic principles of prayer

Module Two: The Foundational Doctrines of Christ

The word of God is very clear on the first set of knowledge believers should have as they begin their walk with God. This is listed expressly in Hebrews 6: 1-2. These foundational doctrines form the crux of module two of the school of spiritual development.

• Repentance from dead works
• Faith towards God
• Water baptism
• Holy Spirit baptism
• Laying on of hands
• Resurrection from the dead
• Eternal Judgment

Who Should Register?

1. Anyone with a desire for spiritual stability and growth
2. Anyone who wants to build unshakable faith in God
3. Anyone who desires to serve God acceptably
4. Anyone who wants to understand the fundamental doctrines of Christ
5. Anyone who wants to live a life that pleases God.

How to Register?

1. Enroll for the program and pay the course registration fee
2. You will receive a confirmation of payment, as well as your log in details
3. Get ready for class

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