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The School of the Spirit is a program with a unique offering that provides practical “how-to” courses to help the believer apply the truth of God’s word to everyday living, as well as function optimally. If you are seeking to gain practical insight and knowledge about real-life issues as listed in the Bible, this is the perfect program.

(This program is only open to students who have gone through the preliminary and foundational certificate programs of the Truthhill University).

This course is unavailable for purchase at this time. Please contact the school administrator or use the live chat tool to get in touch with us.


At the end of the SOS Program, you will:
1. Learn how to pray effectively
2. Learn how to maintain a spirit-filled life
3. Learn how your thoughts can be put under the control of God’s word
4. Learn how to be perfect like Christ
5. Learn how to know and do the will of God for your life
6. Learn how to have power over sin and live victoriously

Course Outline

The School of the Spirit is a three-part course curriculum, comprising of two training modules, each with seven courses. The third is the student’s project course work.

Module One: Applied Christianity

• How to pray
• How to study the word of God
• How to maintain a spirit-filled life
• How to exercise yourself unto Godliness
• How to walk with God
• How to serve God acceptably
• How to hear from God.


Module Two: Functional Christianity

• How to run the race and finish well
• How to enter into the rest of the Lord
• How to take your thoughts captive
• How to grow deep in God
• How to have power over sin and live in holiness
• How to know the perfect will of God
• How to possess your vessel in sanctification

Who Should Register?

1. Anyone with a desire to get more acquainted with God
2. Anyone who desires to serve God acceptably
3. Anyone seeking to build and maintain a spirit-filled life
4. Anyone who seeks to know and do the will of God in their lives
5. Anyone who wants to live above sin
6. Anyone who wants to live a victorious Christian life


How to Register?

1. Pay the course registration fee
2. You will receive a confirmation of payment and you will receive your login details
3. Get ready for class

2 reviews for School of The Spirit


    The School of the Spirit from other people’s testimonies is not something any child of God will afford to miss


    the school of the Spirit is perfect

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