School of Marriage


Marriage is a beautiful union created by God and He wants you to experience all He has purposed for it.

The School of Marriage certificate program offers courses that expound on the institution of marriage: its origin, purpose and the principles that ensure a successful, purposeful and fulfilling marriage, as God ordained it to be.

(This program is only open to students who have gone through the preliminary and foundational certificate programs of the Truthhill University).



At the end of the SOMA Program, you will:

1. Learn the basics of Christian marriage
2. Learn how to lay a good foundation for a successful Christian Marriage
3. Learn the different phases in a Christian Marriage
4. Learn how to resolve conflicts in a Christian Marriage
5. Learn how to partner with God in a Christian Marriage

Course Outline

The SOMA is a two-part course curriculum, comprising of one training module, and a project course work.

Module One: Fundamentals of a successful Christian marriage

• Introduction to Marriage
• Foundation of the Christian Marriage
• Key ingredients of the Christian Marriage
• Principles of the Christian Marriage
• Phases of the Christian Marriage
• Conflict Resolution in the Christian Marriage
• Separation and Divorce


Who Should Register?

1.  Anyone with a desire to go into a Christian Marriage
2.   Anyone who desires to have a successful and fulfilling marriage
3.   Anyone who wants to understand how to manage conflicts in the Marriage
4.   Anyone seeking to experience all that God has prepared within a Christian Marriage
5.   Anyone currently on the verge of separation in their Marriage.


How to Register?

1. Pay the course registration fee
2. You will receive a confirmation of payment and you will receive your login details
3. Get ready for class


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