School of Productivity


The School of Productivity certificate Program offers courses for individuals desiring to enhance personal capacity, as well as understand and accomplish visions, dreams and goals. Productivity, goals, dreams and accomplishments are impossible unless you understand the science of performance. The aim of this program is to help you reach your goals by stretching your capacity to accomplish more.

There is no prerequisite to this certificate program.



At the end of the SOPROD Program, you will:

  1. Learn how to be productive In life
  2. Learn how to increase performance
  3. Learn how to accomplish goals, dreams and visions

Course Outline

The SOPROD is a two-part course curriculum, comprising of one training module, and a project course work.

Module one: Fundamentals of Personal Productivity

• Understanding the concept of productivity
• The Science of performance
• Structuring for productivity
• The productivity Quadrant
• Effective Self-Management
• Performance Enhancement Habits
• Measurement of personal Effectiveness
• Time Tracking
• Building competency for performance


Who Should Register?

1. Anyone with a desire to be productive in life
2. Anyone that wants to improve personal performance
3. Anyone that wants to accomplish personal goals and visions
4. Anyone seeking to live an impactful and fulfilling life
5. Anyone that wants to succeed in all endeavours in life


How to Register?

1. Pay the course registration fee
2. You will receive a confirmation of payment and you will receive your login details
3. Get ready for class


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